Friday, May 28, 2010

What Can I Eat?

Ok, so deep breath...ummmmming and ahhhhhhhing take a hike. The time has come.

I really need to get this baby up and running. So here I go. And for some reason I have "Time After Time" (Cyndi vintage) stuck in my head. Go figure.

I guess I had always envisioned this being a place where I could share wonderful recipes, interesting facts about food and why and how things help make us tick, and live, and thrive.
I love food. Goodness gracious me do I love it. Take me to international waters and I'd marry it. I adore cooking. I love buying it, wading through farmers markets or my local food market, chopping up and arranging it in little bowls and plates so I can pretend I am on a cooking show (don't laugh, you know you've done it, too) and then the joy of eating it, especially seeing their expressions and actions as people devour the food, and know I am giving them something that feeds their mind, body and soul. That's 'it' for me.

At the moment path is a bit different. And it's effing killing me. I have been placed on a super strict regime for particular reasons (thankfully, not a permanent thing) and it blows. No milk, yoghurt, or honey. No bread, pasta, rice, or corn. No sweet potato. No banana, no cashews, no hummus (!), no coffee. And that's not all of it.

And I'm driving myself crazy. So I am stopping, and thinking, what can I eat, goddamit?

Oooooooooooooooh ok, lightbulb. What I can eat. No question mark. I geddit.

So tomorrow I will head to the Farmer's Market here in the town my boy lives and start.

Cauliflower and leek soup?

Paprika spiced pumpkin, carrot and roasted red capsicum soup?

Snow pea and spring onion with lemongrass and chilli prawns?

Roasted chicken and vegetables?

Berry smoothies?

So for the time being, this is my focus. I will still give option of how you can enjoy the contraban, and what I would loooooooooooooove, is for suggestions and ideas and requests for foods and recipes or things you'd like to focus on with the power of food health wise.

Deep breath.